Brunswick Crossing's Guide to Moving with a Family: New Schools


Moving with your family can seem like an ordeal. Depending on the ages of your children, you’ll face an entirely different experience than you did as a young couple or single person. Now that you’re getting ready to move your family into one of Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s Single Family Homes, where do you start? At Brunswick Crossing we’re lucky to have fantastic schools in the Frederick School District close to home! Brunswick Crossing wants to make sure your family’s move goes as smoothly as possible. In today’s post we’ll discuss changing schools. How do you get your children ready to start again in a new school district? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Educate Yourself – Before you get your kids involved, learn as much as you can about your child’s new school district. The more comfortable you are with the schools your child will be attending, the less stress your child will pick up from you. Start by checking out the school district’s website, then move on to the local paper. See if there are any parent groups on Facebook that will help you learn more about the schools.
  • Get Excited – Once you’ve explored the online face of your new school system, it’s time to get the kids involved. Do they play a sport? Show them the new school’s athletics page. Think that your child would excel in the arts department? Have them look at pictures from the school play or arts exhibit.
  • Visit – We know that moving is a fulltime job, but make sure that you take time to visit the schools that your children will be attending. Try to visit during a time that school is in session (not over winter or summer breaks). See if a student who attends the school is available to show your child around (or at least speak with them at some point during the day).  It’s important that your child gets to speak with one of their peers. Not only does this help them to see what the school is like from a student’s perspective, but who knows! The tour guide might open up possibilities for a new group of friends at this school.
  • Get Involved – If you’re lucky enough to be moving between school years, believe it or not summer is the best time to get involved with your school. Get your child involved with clubs, sports, or other activities that remain active during the summer months. This is a great way to boost their confidence and help them to meet new friends before the school year starts. Parents, now is the time for you to start reaching out as well. Get in touch with the PTA and see how you can help. This will help your family feel like you’re a part of the community rather than strangers when the school year gets started. If you’re moving between semesters you can still get involved! Even if your school doesn’t offer activities over break, start speaking with people to learn how to get involved once the new semester begins.
  • Go All Out – Another way to help your children get excited about starting again at a new school is to go “all out” when it comes to school shopping. Allow for indulgences here and there. Let your kids pick out a new backpack and treat the whole day like a holiday. Changing schools can be very stressful, especially for older kids who are leaving their friends, activities, and comfort zones behind. While shopping won’t fix everything, it’s a fun way to relieve stress and get excited about going to school. If shopping isn’t interesting to your child, plan a day trip as a family. Take some time out from the hustle and bustle of moving to be a family and do something that your child likes. There are plenty of great activities in our area! Pick something out and spend time with your family.