Brunswick Crossing's Family Management App Guide


It’s one thing to try to manage your own work, social and family schedule, it’s another to bring the logistics of team sports, clubs, and other activities that the kids are involved with. What’s one of the best ways to get the kids attention nowadays? Smart phones. Most kids at least have a smart phone once they get to high school, if not before. There are plenty of schedule management apps out there, but which ones will you be able to use to keep the whole family together and on track?

Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing has compiled a list of apps to help keep EVERYONE on target. Even if your kids aren’t ready for a smart phone, many of these apps will work with iPads, iPods, Kindles or other devices that can connect to Wi-Fi. Hopefully you’ll find one (or more) that will work for everyone in your family.

  • Cozi – Let’s start with one of the most useful, and simple, options for your family. Cozi allows you to receive appointment reminders, which you can set for everything from pickups to sports schedules to meeting reminders. Cozi also gives you the option to write to-do lists­­ that can be checked off my users. Sign your family up for an account and keep all events, calendars, schedules and to-do lists in one place. This app is easy to use, assigns everyone their own contact color, and should keep everyone aware of what other members of the family are doing.

  • Evernote – This one is great when it comes to filing things away for future reference. Think permission slips, Christmas lists, business cards, report cards, travel itineraries, and so on and so forth. Evernote lets you write reminders online, through the app (by either typing it in our phone or there’s a voice entry option as well) or through email. You can share events and reminders with your family. Imagine that your child forgot to take their permission slip to school for a field trip on the kitchen counter. You can’t run home to get it due to an important meeting. Luckily, you saved it to your Evernote account and can pull it up by searching for it on your app. You save the day by sharing this file from your app to the teacher’s phone or email. Evernote allows you to store, organize, search, share and make notes on pretty much everything in your life. This app is complex enough to handle work organization, while being simple enough that a middle schooler should have no issue figuring it out.

  • Google Calendar – You know that calendar in your mudroom or on the refrigerator covered in Post-it Notes, appointment reminder stickers and multi-colored scribbles? Let’s clean that up and get it all into one, color coded, cross-platform, shareable tool. Like Cozi you can color code users. This app works on all smart phones and the online version is great for seeing things all in one place. You can add to-dos, meetings, games, events and anything else to the calendar as soon as you get the invite. This app can sync with other calendars and is a great tool all around.

  • Time Timer – It’s one thing to have a schedule; it’s another thing altogether to get your family to stick to it. Time Timer is a great app (appropriate for both children and spouses) to learn how to properly manage the time it takes to complete tasks. This app is easily customizable for the learning needs of your family. This app is great for kids as young as 6 or 7 (we wish we would have learned time management skills that early). Kid friendly and being more like a game than a teaching tool, this is a great app to teach your kids how to focus and stay on task.

Managing a family and their combined schedules can be a challenge. Let these great apps help take away some of the worry of things falling through the cracks. Combine your work life, hobby life and family life all in one place to simplify.