How Does Ryan Homes Save The Environment?


Did you know that Maryland is one of the top ten most energy-efficient states in the nation?

According to an April 2017 article by, the American Council For An Energy-Efficient Economy ranked the most energy-efficient states based on their policies for public transportation, building energy codes, and other initiatives.

In fact, Ryan Homes helps Maryland succeed. How?

Here’s Brunswick Crossing’s breakdown of BuiltSmart technology that’s in every one of Ryan Homes new construction models:

What is BuiltSmart?

It's a whole-house commitment to reducing your new home’s environmental impact while providing the highest levels of performance and energy efficiency beyond the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and ENERGY STAR® requirements.

In other words, your family doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort to help the environment. BuiltSmart helps save the earth while keeping your family cozy through four areas of expertise:

  • Efficiency. ENERGY STAR® appliances and low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets are focused on using up to 50 percent less electricity and water without sacrificing performance. BuiltSmart takes it a step further by focusing on water conservation and climate control efficiency.

    We choose ENERGY STAR® appliances because they also outlive the competition, so you save money on your monthly water and energy bills and on appliance repairs and replacements.

  • Comfort. To keep your family comfortable year-round, this technology uses a few tricks to create the ultimate living environment for your family -- no matter the season:
    • Argon-filled, low-E-coated windows to reduce heating and cooling costs
    • Programmable thermostats to schedule your optimal indoor temperature
    • Sealed air ducts to evenly distribute clean air throughout your new home
    • Insulated doors and high efficiency HVAC systems to prevent drafts

With these energy-saving features, this system lowers your monthly energy costs by up to 30 percent.

  • Quality. Your new home’s materials are built in a climate-controlled environment to minimize damage from the natural elements. Ryan Homes advanced precision construction techniques ensure that your new construction home has tight joints, straight walls, and square corners. This means you can add your own future touches – worry-free.

    We also provide independent third-party quality assurance inspections during each construction phase to ensure that your new home meets building code standards and NVR’s own criteria.

    Our new homes are built to perform to the highest standards, and we invite you to see firsthand. With Ryan Homes Customer Involvement Program, you have scheduled meetings during multiple construction phases to ensure that you know what’s going on with your new home.

  • Environment. Home builders have a unique responsibility to the environment and your family. Because of this, Ryan Homes builds with future generations in mind using:

    • Sustainably sourced lumber in framing, cabinetry, and other components
    • Eco-friendly paint to reduce solvents
    • Recycled fiber carpets to reduce the need for production energy and raw materials
    • Landscaping with native plants to minimize the need for fertilizer and water resources

Our construction team also uses environmentally friendly methods of farming, harvesting, processing, and distribution to minimize the environmental impact on your community. We even create engineered panels and roof trusses off-site to conserve energy and keep the worksite clean.

What is HERS®?

To show you how well your home is performing, use the Home Energy Rating System (HERS®). It’s like your home’s energy report card.

We compare our new construction homes with those of similar size within the same climate zones. This helps predict the projected energy savings you’ll love.

An index score is given for rating overall energy efficiency after a series of diagnostic energy performance tests using specialized equipment. We take into account the location and amount of air leaks in ducts, windows, doors, walls, and ceilings.

The lower the score, the more energy efficient it is. For example, most homes have a baseline score of 100 (which meets the current industry standard), but BuiltSmart homes begin with a score of 65. This means your home is, on average, 30 percent more efficient than the competition. The environment wins, and so does your wallet.

To calculate how much you could save with a Ryan home, use the HERS® calculator to see your projected utility costs savings. You can also click below to see how much our neighbors love this promise.

Note: Argon-gas filled windows are not used in all locations. Check availability. Not all lumber packages or wood frame members are provided by an NVR plant. In addition, some homes may be site-built.

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