How To Create A Realistic Pinterest For Your New Home


Pinterest is full of meticulously decorated homes, brand-new stainless steel appliances, and aromatic candles for your bedroom. It’s a combination of fascinating and overwhelming, and the platform makes it so easy to go down in a pinning rabbit hole.

Brunswick Crossing knows how hard it is to keep your Pinterest board organized and to curate a realistic board for your new construction home. Here’s how to conquer Pinterest and translate your inspiration into reality:

Give each board a purpose. Instead of pinning a recipe for your new kitchen with a holiday DIY wreath for your front door, use different boards and/or sections to consolidate and organize your thoughts. Which room are you collecting inspiration for? Are you creating a board with seasonal or year-round ideas?

By giving each board a purpose, you can hone in on your inspiration and set reasonable goals and a timeline for completing each pin.

Consider your lifestyle. So many home designs look great in a Pinterest image, but how realistic is the design or furniture for your lifestyle? If you have kids, a partner, or pets, certain ideas don’t translate so seamlessly into reality. A white couch might not be the best idea, so focus on design styles that fit your lifestyle and look great.

Write clear descriptions. Pinterest gives you space to write a description for each pin. Instead of saving it with the default description, edit the box with your thoughts. Why did you choose this pin? What’s your idea for this project? What did you like about this pin?

Delete pins that don’t inspire you anymore. Everyone goes through phases, and your new home will, too. As your family grows, you might be more interested in how to organize a playroom. If you get a pet, you might be more interested in how to puppy-proof your new home.

Don’t be afraid to delete pins that you don’t like or need anymore. Pins that make you feel iffy distract you from those that you really love and skew the entire theme of your board.

Tip: Modsy, an online decorating service, suggests to look at individual images that you’ve saved. Ask yourself what you like about this picture. If it’s the layout, furniture, color scheme, or accessories, keep the pin. If you like the architecture or the physical room, delete the pin.

Look for patterns. If you tend to save contemporary furniture or neutral color palettes, consider investing in these designs for your new home. Do you see a pattern in materials or layout ideas?  

Find a goal. Why did you download Pinterest? By finding a goal (not only for individual boards but for the entire account), you can focus on refining your new construction home the way you want it. Some common goals include the following:

  • To find your home’s true color palette
  • To study interior design techniques
  • To curate seasonal projects for holidays and other celebrations
  • To get inspired by other industries, like fashion and photography
  • To play with risky ideas for your home
  • To search for new products to make your new construction home more innovative
  • To build your dream home
  • To get home improvement advice

Don’t get stuck in an inspiration loop. Instead of pinning project after project, create a game plan for your Pinterest. Set a goal, write down patterns, decide which pins are reasonable to do or buy, and go for it!

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