How To Know If A New Home Is The One


When looking for a new home, crunching the numbers is the easy part. The location is fairly black and white, depending on how far your everyday commute is, if you desire a good school district, and other won’t-budge factors.

However, the right home makes you feel something. Much like finding the perfect job or lifelong significant other, you’ll simply know when you’ve found the right home to buy. If you need a little help validating the signs, check out the latest blog by Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing:

It fits your basic needs. We detailed a lot of reasons to buy a new home, and when you’ve found the right one, it fits almost every need. You’ll finally have a ton of storage space or a bigger gourmet kitchen. You’ll finally get a place to work from home or a large recreation room for an at-home gym. Whatever your needs, the right home fits them.

It’s within reasonable price. Many homebuyers have a price range that they’re willing to purchase within. This stems from the necessary financial audit from spending too much on rent or home maintenance. Once you find your dream home, it’ll likely fall within your spending limits.

It feels right. When something feels right, you just know. This saying has been used for everything from romantic relationships and wedding dresses to cities and college commitments. It stands true for a buying a new home, too.

When you walk into a model home that feels just right, you’ll get familiar butterflies in your stomach. It will embrace you, feeling warm and comforting. You know that your family could thrive there, and it feels simply perfect. Trust your buyer’s intuition.

You want to stop looking at other homes. This suggestion comes from The Balance, a financial empowerment website.

All of the other homes [that] you've been looking at no longer appeal to you. The homes on that list you've been carrying around seem insignificant. Moreover, the homes you had previously rated a No. 8 have now fallen to a No. 2 rating. The homes you have seen pale in comparison. You would feel like a traitor to this home if you went to visit other homes. This is it.”

You love the community. Believe it or not, the community is an extension of your new home. A bad neighborhood can be a dealbreaker, even if it offers your dream home.

At Brunswick Crossing, we offer more than a home. We offer security, comfort, and a great place for your family to live, laugh, and love.

Our neighborhood includes resort-style amenities like a community pool, small and large dog parks, sports courts and fields, and more than 26 miles of paved trails and walkways. The neighborhood marketplace is anchored by the brand-new Weis Markets at Brunswick Crossing. (For more information about our resort-style amenities, click here.)

Our homeowners association offers community events, weather-related services, recycling, and more. We’re also in a great Maryland school district with easy access to public transportation.

You don’t want to leave. According to Trulia, this is a huge sign. If you’re already mentally placing furniture or unnecessarily driving by the house, it’s probably The One. You don’t have to convince yourself to love this home, because you simply don’t want to leave.

Time doesn't matter. We uncovered the myth behind the "right" and "wrong" time to buy a home, because it's relative to each homebuyer. However, if you really love a home, you want to move in as soon as possible.