Here's How To Pick The Right New Home


Buying a home has always been a part of the American Dream, but as real estate trends and generational buyers shift, is it possible that a newer version of the Dream is erupting? 

You don’t need to buy a townhome model as your first home.

Many people assume that their first home has to be small, because the homebuying process is gradual. It’s the likely and safe next step from the rentable condominium or apartment that was previously lived in.

However, this pattern isn’t necessarily for everyone.

Some people need more space than a townhome offers due to personal preference, a growing family, a new pet, and so on. If your new lifestyle needs more than three bedrooms, two full baths, and laundry room, a townhome might not be the best option. A single-family home offers those features plus a little more, like a formal dining room, extra bedrooms or a home office.

You don’t need single-level living if you’re downsizing.

It’s definitely more convenient to have a new kitchen, owner’s suite and bath, and laundry room on the first floor floor of a villa model, especially if you have mobility or health issues.

However, just because your kids moved out and/or you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you need single-level living or less space.

It’s possible to get all of these basic features in a variety of single-family and townhome models at Brunswick Crossing. It all depends on your preferences. Do you like the floor plan more? Can you handle multiple levels? Do you need a change of scenery with a similar amount of space?

You don’t need a large single-family home to accommodate your growing family.

“Detached, single-family homes are the end goal for the majority of Americans,” according to a 2013 article by Builder Online. 80 percent of the U.S. population would prefer to live in a single-family home, while 70 percent of the population actually does.

Even though the majority of the national population chooses this lifestyle, many families are happy in other models. Townhomes are becoming an increasingly popular option for parents and their kids. New Home Source says that a townhome “could be the best single-family home you buy” because the model offers large, open floor plans; multiple bedrooms and full baths; and less maintenance.

Living in a homeowners association-regulated neighborhood doesn’t mean losing privacy or customization.

“Americans also show consensus on certain community factors,” according to the Builder Online article. “53 percent would like to live in an area that is ‘away from it all’ [as opposed to] ‘in the center of it all’,” as evident by 45 percent who cite privacy as an important factor in choosing a home.

Many first-time homebuyers question HOA communities because they’re anxious about the inability to customize their new space and a lack of privacy. However, these stereotypes aren’t true.

HOA communities offer a variety of townhome, detached single-family, and villa models to choose from. These new construction homes give every homeowner privacy and personalization options, including exterior facades, floor plan options, and upgrades, from the home builder.

According to Marianne Cusato, an award-winning architect and lecturer, as interviewed by USA Today, “The shift is toward smaller lots, vibrant places to live and the ability to 'do stuff' by foot. These factors may not affect your purchase today, but will affect you when resale comes five to 10 years down the road.”

Cusato’s most important pieces of advice? Choose a place to live as much as a home to live in, and look at what works for you -- not what you think you should have.