How To Tell When You Should Downsize


You’ve hit all of the milestones with your family, from moving into your first single-family home to first day of school pictures, celebrating high school and college graduations, and keeping up with holiday traditions. After your kids move out and retirement is on its way, what next?

It’s time to downsize into a smaller home with less maintenance, lower electric bills, and a lifestyle change. Check out Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s reasons to go small:

  1. You still want to be near family. The birth of your first grandchild, the first promotion dinner for your daughter, and the engagement of your son are life milestones that you don't want to miss just because you stayed put.

    If you want to help babysit your grandchildren or continue to celebrate holiday traditions, downsize to a new home close to your kids in a new area.

  2. It costs you less money. If you're shelling out hundreds each month from your retirement fund for upkeep in your current home, consider doing a financial overhaul to discuss the option of putting that money toward a new construction home with "all new everything."

  3.  You don’t have enough storage space. There are only so many Pins for re-organizing kitchen drawers and bathroom sinks before realizing you just don’t have enough space. Instead of upgrading the cabinets, consider giving away duplicate items to start downsizing.

  1. Your kids have flown the coop. If your kids have started their own lives, don’t waste money on space that you don’t need anymore. Move into a smaller home to save on your mortgage, energy bill, repairs, and more. 

  2. You need a lifestyle change. When you had a young family, you wanted to be around the hustle and bustle to let your kids explore the world. Now that you’re older with adult children, it may be time to find some peace and quiet in a tinier town with community amenities like Brunswick Crossing.

    We offer a community pool, his and her locker rooms, walking trails, and more to stay active without leaving the comfort of your neighborhood. 

  3. Your new dream is bigger than your space. Now that you’re not rushing your kids off to school or prepping pre-practice snacks, you can dive into that new dream of yours. Whether it’s creating a zen yoga room, starting a family cookbook, or knitting scarves by the fire, you’re going to need a new space that complements your new hobby. 

  4. You feel stuck. With more time on your hands in retirement (or the months leading up to it), you might be itching for some change. 

    Without work or stay-at-home parent duties every day, you might feel a little stagnant. To combat this lingering urge, buy a one-way ticket to a new construction home for a fresh start. You can put your time and attention toward decorating your new home, throwing a housewarming party, joining the HOA, and more.

  5. You’re buying solo. One of the biggest reasons that people downsize is that they don’t have a significant other anymore. Whether it’s due to divorce or otherwise, this is a common catalyst for moving into a smaller home with less maintenance and financial commitment, especially for older generations.

  6. You have special considerations. If you have special medical considerations like arthritis, osteoporosis, or heart disease, you need to look at homes that will make your life easier.