Kitchen Wisdom: Top Ways To Reach Ultimate Kitchen Organization


In honor of Weis Markets at Brunswick Crossing, we're offering our neighbors and friends weekly Kitchen Wisdom to take into your new home.

For this week’s Kitchen Wisdom, Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing is giving you our secrets to organizing your gourmet kitchen with the help of some Internet-famous homemakers and bloggers.

Find our hidden gems below:

  1. Organize utensils by use. If you’re a top-notch home chef, we know why you chose our gourmet kitchens. To make your cooking efforts easier amidst your high-end recipes, use Mason jars to organize your utensils by specialty, stirring, serving, and more.

    Find a do-it-yourself example by Megan Duesterhaus of For Rent.

  2. Invest in tiered baskets. The best way to save space is to go vertical, and tiered wire baskets and banana hangers allow new homeowners to do just that.

    Put healthy snacks on the bottom and sugary snacks on top, so your little one knows to ask permission before reaching. You can also arrange seasonal fruits and veggies, or organize on-the-go breakfast ingredients for oatmeal in Ziploc bags.

  3. Find space in your oven hood. Nina Hendrick Design Company in Massachusetts takes savvy space to the next level by making a faux hood that hides frequently unused mixing bowls and baking pans. Check it out here.

  4. Spruce up dollar store finds. You may pass basic plastic or glass containers in the dollar store, but take a second look on your next trip. Add teal or millennial pink labels with a friendly font to create a cohesive look with easy storage opportunity. Get ideas from The Social Home.

  5. Don’t knock the Lazy Susan. You can pack cans and spices into the deepest part of your pantry with a Lazy Susan. This storage solution is perfect for even the “laziest” new kitchen owner.

  6. Use bathroom organization tips. Who said a shower rack is for only white, fluffy towels? Hang your best pots and pans for streamlined storage.

    You can also use a shower rack for fresh fruits and vegetables, lunch treats, and more.

  7. Upcycle baby food jars. For the most creative storage idea, fill baby food jars with spices, popcorn kernels, or herbs. Then, place magnets on the lids and stick it to the fridge.

    While you have to be more careful about taking them off (or your little one knocking it over while organizing alphabet magnets), this solution is great for your new kitchen. Get inspiration from One Lucky Pickle.

  8. Find a new home for food magazines and recipe books. Don’t let pages and pages of recipes go to waste in precious cabinet space. Install a magazine rack on the side of your kitchen cabinet like White Tulip Designs for grab-and-go dinner ideas.

  9. Invest it a Raskog cart. The best thing about this product is that you can use it to optimize storage in any room. For your new kitchen, store containers of spices and herbs, excess bowls and silverware, or pet food. We guarantee you’ll buy another.

  10. Create an appliance garage. Break out your power tools. This kitchen organization project requires a little bit of elbow grease, but it’s totally worth it. In order to hide heavy duty appliances that don’t move often, such as coffeemakers, blenders, and cake mixers, create an appliance garage like House Beautiful.

From the easy fixes to the all-day projects, these kitchen organization tips are guaranteed to make your gourmet kitchen feel clutter-free.