New Homes at Brunswick Crossing's Guide to the Best Time to Buy

You have just moved into your new R4 Collection home at Brunswick Crossing, and you want to start nesting. Maybe you need some upgrades in the kitchen, or your kids want new stuff (they seem like they always want new stuff, don’t they?). Whatever the situation, it’s time to go shopping! 

Instead of going out and spending too much money, it’s important to think about the best times to buy certain items. Here is Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s guide to the best times to buy:

January: With the New Year comes new model appliances. Manufacturers will be switching from older to newer models, so discounts are plenty. However, selection is limited. This is also the best time to buy toys, bedding, exercise equipment (especially ellipticals and treadmills) and winter clothing during the after Christmas rush.

February: This month is the time to splurge on deeply discounted humidifiers and indoor furniture. Stores need to make way for the new line to hit around April, so they discount the older furniture. Be wary of upholstered furniture though because selection will be short. Be on the look out for the President’s Day sales, too!

March: Now is the best time to purchase small electronics. Digital cameras, television sets, MP3 players, DVD players and Blu-ray players will all be discounted. When buying a TV, be sure to test the color and brightness. Stores typically adjust the picture to look best under fluorescent lighting. Don’t be fooled by a great price tag!

April: Time to shop for spring clothing! Retailers discount their clothes to make way for the summer collection. The same logic applies to lawn mowers. With the temperature heating up, manufacturers discount lawn mowers to encourage a quick sell-out before summer hits. April is also the best month to buy desktops and laptops. 

May: This month is typically the best to buy a mecca of various new items, especially near Memorial Day. Refrigerators are best to buy during the summer because that’s when companies roll out their new models, which also means discounts on older models during the spring. Because of change in season, gas companies raise their prices, but this means deals on hybrid cars are abundant. Warmer weather also means reduced prices on athletic apparel, shoes and camping and outdoor gear. May is also the best time to invest in cordless phones and mattresses.

June & July: Because everyone is outside for summertime and retailers typically hit their market highs during April and May, carpeting and indoor furniture is discounted during these months. It’s also the most popular time for weddings. Since pots, pans and other kitchen dishes are often on registries, stores discount them. You can also find good deals on swimsuits and outdoor equipment, but selection will be limited. 

August: It’s the peak shopping month for air conditioners, outdoor furniture and dehumidifiers, but retailers consider it the end of the buying season, so shop these discounts quick! You can also purchase snow blowers before the winter hits.

September & October: Shop out of season for bicycles, gas grills and lawn mowers.

November: With the holiday season approaching, discounts are everywhere. This is the best time to buy baby items, including strollers, toys and clothes, and GPSs. Don’t forget to bravely go out for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales!

December: The holiday season means discounts on a lot of appliances. The most popular include televisions, washing machines, dryers, blenders, coffeemakers, dishwashers, microwaves, juicers, toasters and food processors. However, if you are buying after December 25, selection will be limited. 

Overall, it’s best to shop out of season or during any holiday rush. You can also compare prices online before stepping foot into the store to make sure you get the best deal possible. No matter when or how you buy, we hope your shopping and decorating goes smoothly.