9 Kitchen Design Trends That You'll Want To Steal Now


With the help of HGTV, HouseLogic, and Domain Australia, Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing is counting down the top kitchen trends for 2017. From maximizing functionality to playing with color palettes, here are the most sizzling styles for your new kitchen: 

  1. Play with lights and shadows. A black and white kitchen never goes out of style, especially when paired with hardwood floors. Playing with contrast is a great way to mix trendy accents with a timeless color palette. Start with gray or white cabinets then choose a centerpiece that complements the neutrals. 

  1. Install a colorful sink. Long gone are the days of classic stainless steel and white sinks. To begin your fun with trendy accents, install a colorful sink for a splash of kitchen style. Go daring with a bright red, or try something a little softer with Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year Rose Quartz or Serenity.

  1. Consider bold lighting. Many interior designers will say that there should be a focal point to a room. Homeowners have long considered appliances, like the refrigerator, or paint as the eye-catcher. However, next year is all about going bolder with lighting. Whether it’s a large chandelier or a big bay window, consider new lighting options as the focal point.

  1. Try LED ribbons. Speaking of bold lighting, one way to class up the kitchen is by placing a ribbon of LED lights in an unexpected place. Consider installing a string of lights inside a cabinet full of china or underneath the lower cabinetry, illuminating the floor. Get creative with these energy-efficient bulbs.

  1. Maximize storage space. High-functioning cabinetry and drawers are all the rage. Homeowners desire enough space to prep, cook, store, and clean. To do this, we suggest installing drawers with deep pockets (about 24 inches deep) that can hold practically anything. With this, homeowners should invest in organizers to ensure that everything stays in its place. Another tip is to hide appliances behind panels that match the open cabinets.

  1. Get automated. The kitchen of the future is here. With so many automations available, homeowners hardly have to lift a finger. It’s time to look into sensor-activated lights, meat thermometers with Wi-Fi capabilities, hands-free faucets and soap dispensers, and other innovative kitchen toys.

  1. Go for terracotta. Terracotta tiles are expected to replace classic subway tiles and lackluster backsplash next year. The new trend adds warmth and character to a cozy kitchen when used with a natural matte finish.

  1. Think small. While you don’t have to partake in The Tiny House Movement, you can still participate in the micro-living trend by getting smaller appliances for the kitchen. Homeowners use less electricity (being eco-friendly is something that will never fade) and can save space for meal prepping

  1. Get knockoff countertops. While granite is absolutely beautiful, it can be difficult to maintain due to its porous nature. Homeowners must keep up with sealing to prevent food from getting stuck. To get the look of granite and the maintenance of linoleum, opt for engineered countertops. It’s nonporous yet still gorgeous.

From the floor to the ceiling, it’s time to rethink the way you decorate the kitchen. Say goodbye to bulky appliances, and opt for small coffeemakers and toaster ovens. Black and white is always in, but don’t be afraid to play with color when it comes to focal points like lights, sinks, and countertops.