What To Know When Buying A House In Maryland


Most people think of Maryland as the state with Old Bay, blue crabs, and the best flag in the nation (and they're right). Aside from those innate qualities, the state boasts beaches, mountains, and rolling hills for adventurers and homebodies alike. Not to mention, our lucky neighbors experience snow and sunshine.

Check out Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing's short list of things to know about buying a house in Maryland:

Know when to move. Maryland offers four seasons, which is one of the biggest appeals to homebuyers. However, this can pose some problems if you're trying to move during the winter or summer. With particularly cold and hot seasons respectively, moving can be more of a hassle than a fond memory if you don't do it at the right time. 

Research where you want to move. This state is more than an appendage of the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C. The waterfront of Baltimore (also known as the Inner Harbor) has become a tourist destination, as it's steps away from Ravens football stadium and Camden Yards for the Orioles baseball team. 

The Eastern Shore offers beaches and sandy campsites like Ocean City and is a short drive from the gorgeous Rehoboth and Bethany beaches in Delaware. 

The charming city of Annapolis offers a rich political history among cobblestone streets and delicious dining options. Even Brunswick has a hometown appeal among rolling hills and gorgeous farms while being minutes away from the hip Downtown Frederick and scenic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

With so many options, before you choose any spot in Maryland, make sure you're exactly where you want to be. If you're thinking about Brunswick, check out everything our community has to offer. 

Consider your commute. Buying a house in Maryland depends a lot on where your job is located. Your commute could consist of a 15-minute drive each way or a MARC train ride early in the morning, depending on where you call home. Thankfully, a wide variety of jobs are available between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, making Brunswick the perfect midway destination.

Think about the cost of living. This state is in the upper tier of the country when it comes to cost of living, which means you get nicer highways, cleaner streets, better access to public transportation, and a steadier local economy among other benefits. 

However, the cost of living and moving into a new home varies by community. To get a better sense of what living in Maryland might be for you, check out the cost of living calculator at Payscale.com.

Support your travels. Before buying a house in Maryland, consider what you'll do when you're ready for a getaway with your family or preparing for a big business trip. Maryland's main airport, Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), is about an hour from Brunswick and offers flights across the country -- and across the pond.

Tip: The state even offers airport-specific public transportation , including taxis and vans, to drop you off right at the doors, so factor in a little extra time to avoid paying for airport parking. It'll also relieve a little stress knowing your car is safe and sound at your new home.

Look into the first-time homebuyers programs. The state offers so many homebuying programs when you're ready to buy a home in Maryland. Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing has compiled the best online first-time homebuyers programs here