What You Need To Know About New Construction Homes


When it comes to buying a new construction home, it’s best to get educated on all facets of homebuying before committing to a home. Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing details what you need to know about buying a home in a master planned community:

How To Buy A New Construction Home

Home buying can be stressful and potentially costly if you’re not educated about the process. There are differences between buying new construction versus a resale home or fixer upper, so don’t be shy about asking lots of questions.

Instead of looking at location and home history, you need to understand how and what to research when looking at new construction homes. Which additions are possible? What's the difference between an upgrade and an option? 

You also need to know how to finance this big purchase and which mortgage options are best for you as suggested by the home builder. Check out
these essential tips for first-time homebuyers for more basic information.

The New Construction Home Buying Process

Buying a new construction home is a little different than purchasing a resale home or fixer upper. Instead of a realtor or a previous homeowner, you’ll receive help from a new home sales consultant who’s trained on the ins and outs of the entire process.

The sales consultant answers those questions about additions, upgrades, and offered features of specific homes instead of offering you an existing home as is.

You have to go on model home tours, carefully choose a home site, discuss home warranties from the builder, and check off other steps that are specific to new construction. You also don’t have to deal with negotiations based on a seller’s (sometimes emotional) tie to the home, according to HGTV. The price of new construction is usually set based on current market value. 

For the ultimate list of resources, check out Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s 18 Amazing Resources That Every First-Time Home Buyer Needs. It offers online information about credit scores, budgeting, Ryan Homes Value Package, the Maryland Mortgage Program, moving, and more.

What To Look For In A Community

When you buy a home, you buy a community. Similar to the way that you prioritized a list of must-haves and wants, it’s a good idea to do the same with a community. Ask your new home sales consultant about the future plans for the neighborhood, resort-style amenities, the school district, public transportation availability, job opportunity, and more.

From a community pool and fitness center to sports areas and dog parks, see what Brunswick Crossing in Frederick County, Maryland, has to offer every homeowner by clicking here.

What To Ask A Home Builder

Unlike a resale home or fixer upper, your new home is being built from the ground up. As the first homeowner of a new construction model, you have to consider the quality of work and reputation of the builder.  

You also need to learn what to expect, as your new home acclimates during its first year after construction is complete. That’s where a comprehensive homeowner’s guide and attentive customer service professionals make building a new home more personal than buying a resale house.

Are the prices in line with the quality of work? What are the neighbors saying about their first year in their new home? What is the published “would recommend” rate? What’s the general reputation of this home builder? Do they commit to eco-friendly building practices?

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Buying a new construction model is a little different than purchasing a fixer upper or resale home. You must consider the home builder, different mortgage and financing options, the master planned community, and intricacies of the home buying process.