What's a BuiltSmart Home?


Ryan Homes is bringing their BuiltSmart technology to Brunswick Crossing, but what exactly is BuiltSmart?

It's a whole-house commitment to reduce your new home’s environmental impact and to provide the highest levels of performance and energy efficiency. With BuiltSmart, your family doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for the environment. BuiltSmart helps save the earth while keeping your family cozy through four areas of expertise.

Energy Efficiency

BuiltSmart includes low-flow faucets and shower heads and toilets that use up to 50 percent less water and electricity. You’ll save money on your water and energy bills, and on repairs and replacements.


To keep your family comfortable year-round, superior insulation and high-efficiency HVAC systems maintain your new home’s optimal temperature. BuiltSmart offers argon-filled, low-E coded windows, programmable thermostats, sealed air ducts, and insulated doors for the ultimate comfortable living environment. With all these energy-saving features, this system also lowers monthly energy costs up to 30 percent. 


Your new BuiltSmart home is built in a climate-controlled environment to minimize damage from the elements. The advanced construction techniques ensure that your new home has tight joints, straight walls and square corners, so you can add your own touches in the future – worry-free.

Also, independent quality inspections during construction ensure that your home’s built to perform to the highest standards, and you see it firsthand. With the Customer Involvement Program, you have scheduled meetings during multiple construction phases to make sure you know what’s going on with your new home.


Because Ryan Homes models are built to the finest quality, it utilizes sustainably sourced lumber, low-solvent paint, carpets made from recycled fiber, and landscaping with native plants to minimize the need for fertilizer.

BuiltSmart seems too good to be true, but to show you how well your home is performing, we offer the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). It’s like your home’s energy report card. An index score is given for rating overall energy efficiency after a series of specialized tests. The lower your home scores, the more energy efficient it is.

For example, most new homes have a baseline score of 100. Most BuiltSmart homes begin with a score of 65. This means the environment wins, and so does your wallet.