When On Home Tours, Remember These 6 Important Things

You're finally buying a home! 

After a little bit of back-and-forth on location and price range, you decide to take the plunge and tour model homes that might fit your lifestyle and future. However, since it is your first go-around, how exactly should you prep? With the help of HGTV and REALTORS, Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing is giving you a list of the most important things to remember when going on a model home tour:

  1. Understand where you are in the homebuying process. Most potential homeowners are doing model home tours because they're gathering information, whether they know it or not. Not many people are visiting model homes to place an offer or commit to a new homes sales consultant. Instead, they're visiting to discover what they do and don't like, such as first-floor bedrooms or a tray ceiling. Others are one step ahead by deciding what they need now and what they may need in the future, such as a third bedroom or extra bath. Every house is a case study when touring.

  2. Don't get blinded by the interior decorating. Model homes are decorated to the nines because, let’s face it, no one wants to visit an empty home. While it's more visually appealing to take a tour of a model home, it's more important to remember that your home will not come with all of those bells and whistles -- or rather those curtains, paint, and fancy furnishings.

  3. Comply with the unspoken rules of the model homes. Some model home consultants will politely ask visitors to keep food and drink outside while others, like Brunswick Crossing, will ask for guests to wear shoes at all times and prohibit smoking. Some communities may even have child restrictions, hours of operation, flash photography and video policies, and other regulations that homebuyers should be respectful of. 

    Remember: An open house isn't a free for all, especially in a decorated model. From when to snoop around the kitchen to if you should keep belongings where they are, check out more on home tour etiquette with Hooked on Houses.

  4. Research the model before you visit. Like job interviews, it's a good idea to be prepared going into a tour. Do your research before your tour, so you can ask questions about the floorplan, additions and upgrades, price, average monthly energy bill, and more. Potential homeowners should also find out information about the community like amenities, homeowners association, neighborhood-wide activities, and more. 

  5. Get down to business, but be polite. New homes sales consultants are prepped and ready to answer your questions about the new home and community, not socialize. While you may be only perusing the floorplan to see what you look, stay focused on the matter at hand. It's OK to ask probing questions about HOA fees and other matters, but homebuyers should be polite about it.

  6. Ask before you wash. For a cheeky final tip, Brunswick Crossing suggests asking the available consultant if you can use the kitchen faucet. Sometimes, it just won’t work -- literally. Some new homes shut off the water for the winter while others have uncompleted plumbing. 

When going on a model home tour, it's best to have a game plan. Do your research about the new home and its community, stay focused, and avoid socializing too much or falling for the gorgeous interior design. Also, don’t forget to ask to use the facilities.