Why You Should Live in a Neighborhood with an HOA

Side angle curbside view of row homes at Brunswick Crossing with landscaped yards and walking path

Imagine you’re visiting your friend for a housewarming party. As you pull into their community, there are tidy and well-maintained houses lining the streets. The landscaping is immaculate, kids are playing on a playground, and neighbors are out walking their dogs and socializing. This is all thanks to a homeowner’s association (HOA).

An HOA is a non-profit organization that manages residential communities. They maintain curb appeal and keep the property value up. Not everyone views HOAs very highly though. They have their negatives— fees can be expensive, rules can restrict owners from making changes to their home, and poor management can be detrimental to the entire community.

While there are certainly cons to being a part of an HOA, there are also several benefits that make communities very enticing to new homeowners. Let’s dive into the reasons why you should consider living in a neighborhood with an HOA:

Less Landscaping

Cutting your lawn or trimming your bushes may be a thing of the past with an HOA. For many neighborhoods with an HOA, the dues or fees include landscaping costs. They will hire a company to care for the entire community and keep it looking tidy. Meanwhile, other HOAs may not maintain landscaping for the homes in the community, but they will enforce rules to maintain curb appeal.

Access to Amenities

If you love testing your serve on the tennis court or growing your own veggies, communities with HOAs often include many wonderful amenities. This could include walking trails, athletic fields, fitness center, pool, and so much more. A portion of your dues will likely go toward maintenance and upkeep of those amenities.

No Need to Confront Bad Neighbors

Have you ever struggled with neighbors who throw loud parties or park in front of your house? By living in an HOA community, you won’t have to stress about confronting neighbors yourself. They can resolve disputes on your behalf. If an issue arises with a neighbor, homeowners can address it with the HOA and they should enforce their rules directly.

Stable Property Value

You invest a lot of money into your home. One of the biggest advantages of an HOA is that properties retain their value. You can control how your own home looks, but you can’t control your neighbors. An HOA enforces rules to ensure that the entire community looks nice and prevent a domino effect of foreclosures. 

Opportunities for Socializing

Meeting your neighbors can sometimes feel awkward when moving into a new neighborhood. However, HOAs often build a greater sense of community. They may pull from the HOA fees to throw block parties for the holidays or other social gatherings. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet your neighbors at HOA meetings or even utilizing the amenities.

So, are you ready to move into a community with an HOA? Despite the benefits, HOA living isn’t for everyone. While they keep the community looking beautiful and tidy, their rules can be restrictive for homeowners who like to express themselves by giving their home’s exterior a unique flair. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you want out of your neighborhood.

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