How To Tell When It's Time To Move Into A New Home

Whether it’s time for a square footage upgrade or you need to move closer to that new dream job, there are a few telltale signs that it’s time to move into a new home.

  1. You don’t have enough storage space. There are only so many Pins for re-organizing kitchen drawers and bathroom sinks before realizing you just don’t have enough space. If a cabinet remodel makes your life easier, then go for it. However, don’t glance over the fact that this might be a sign to move into a bigger home.

  2. You’re in a serious relationship. It sounds silly, but if you’re in a steady romantic relationship, it might be time to have “the talk” about living together. Instead of fighting over which apartment you’ll keep, move out and into a brand-new home together. Purchasing a new place can be spatially, financially, and emotionally rewarding.

  3. You’re expanding your family. Whether you’re adding a couple kids or a furry mate to the mix, you’re going to need more space. You also may need to be closer to certain amenities, like a community pool, an A-plus school district, and brand-new grocery stores, as you grow your family. 

  4. You’re downsizing. On the other hand, if your kids have started their own lives, don’t waste money on space that you don’t need anymore. Move into a smaller home to save on your mortgage, energy bill, repairs, and more.

  5. It costs you less money. If you’re shelling out hundreds each month for upkeep in your current home, consider doing a financial overhaul to discuss the option of putting that money toward a new construction home with "all new everything."

  6. You live in a bad neighborhood. If your current living situation is less-than-ideal, it may be time to pack up the U-haul and go. There’s no shame in desiring a safe and secure neighborhood, so start looking for a new construction home -- before it gets harder to sell your old one.

  7. Your dream is bigger than your space. Do you want an extra room for a home gym? Do you need a bigger gourmet kitchen to start a cooking blog? If you envision hosting grand holiday parties in a spacious morning room or having out-of-town guests often, you may need a bigger home.

  8. Your commute is terrible, or you got a new job. Commuting to and from work each day can take hours out of your week. Imagine what you could be doing with those extra hours -- taking up a weekly yoga class, walking the dog in the morning, meal prepping for the week. If your commute isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, consider moving to a new home that’s closer to the office.

  9. You feel stuck. It might be related to work, finances, or personal relationships, but this feeling of stagnation isn’t good. If you scratch your head for more than two seconds when somebody asks you why you live where you live, buy a one-way ticket to a new construction home for a fresh start. You can put your time and attention toward decorating, throwing a housewarming party, joining the HOA, and more.

  10. You need a lifestyle change. When you were 23 years old, you loved bright lights in the big city. Now that you’re older with more responsibilities, it may be time to find some peace and quiet. Or maybe you grew up in a tiny town and you crave a city that never sleeps. Whatever your lifestyle change, find a home that suits your needs.